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Homesick Cajuns

When Cajuns go on vacation or visit family and friends out of state, they always bring goodies from home. There are many Cajuns though who don’t live in South Louisiana anymore and therefore only get “a taste of home” every so often. Fortunately for them, many places in Acadiana are catering to these “expats” and offering ways for them to enjoy Cajun culture even if they’ve moved miles away! – Created by a brother and sister from Central LA, this website is perfect for those who miss Cajun & Creole food. Louisiana seasonings, sauces, coffees, desserts, and meat can be purchased from the site and shipped right to you! This is also a great site for non-Cajuns to get a taste of what they’ve been missing out on!

Cajun Crate – Cajun Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers 5-8 Louisiana made items to your door! Cajun Crate has teamed up with local chefs and tastemakers so that they are able to fill their boxes with the best products available and give recipients a sample of flavor from many of our different parishes. These boxes offer a fun way to try some of the new things that Acadiana has to offer!

Earl’s Cajun Market – One of the things Cajun’s often take for granted is our wonderful specialty meat markets, but have no fear, cuz Earl’s is here! ALL of the specialty meats that Earl’s has to offer can now be ordered online and shipped to you! Bet you never thought you’d be able to enjoy a Crawfish Tasso Cornbread Stuffed Boneless Chicken outside of Louisiana!

Poupart’s Bakery – It may not be Mardi Gras season yet, but when the time comes, every Cajun is ready to get their hands on some king cake! If you are out of state, consider getting your king cake shipped from Poupart’s Bakery in Lafayette! Poupart’s bakes a Mardi Gras King Cake that can be flavored with your choice of filling, but they also offer a Traditional French King Cake!

KBON 101.1 FM – Now, I know a large part of what people miss when they move away is the food, but what about the music? KBON is the ONLY major radio station whose purpose for going on the air was to promote our local area, music, and heritage. If you miss the Cajun, Swamp Pop, Zydeco, & Country music in Acadiana, you can listen to KBON live or download the KBON app!

For those Cajuns out there around the globe, I hope you take advantage of these sites and treat yourself to a “taste” of home!

By: Whitney Ross, Lafayette Native