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Authentic Cajun Experiences

Looking for the most authentic Cajun experience?  We’ve got you covered!

Allons Manager on a Cajun Food Tour! – Jumping onto the original Cajun Food Tour is the perfect way to get to taste the best of the best Cajun food in the Lafayette area! Each restaurant you visit on a tour is handpicked and considered a local favorite. Also, the walking Breaux Bridge Food Tour offers a great way to learn about and explore the historic town of Breaux Bridge. These are a fun way to try out the food that Cajuns eat all the time!

Explore Vermilionville! – This outdoor living history museum located on Bayou Vermilion, provides a time traveling experience back to Lafayette’s beginning. In addition to the museum, this quaint little town also hosts a free Jam Sessionevery Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m., a “Bal du Dimanche” held each Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. with live Cajun music and dancing, and their very own restaurant “La Cuisine de Maman” that serves up Cajun favorites.

Check out some Alligators! – Hop on a Cajun Country Swamp Tours’ boat and see all the beautiful wildlife around Cypress Swamp. Let the wind whip through your hair while you cruise through the bayou, and your guide will take you to get some pictures of the gators, egrets, herons, and cypress trees that we’ve all come to love here in Cajun Country!

Attend a Mardi Gras parade! – Lafayette prides itself on offering a family-friendly Mardi Gras experience while still throwing a huge party!  If you are in town during Mardi Gras “season” make sure to eat some king cake, catch some beads, and maybe even attend a concert at the Carnival! For an even more authentic experience, venture outside of Lafayette a bit to the smaller towns and check out a Courir de Mardi Gras!

Tour our Breweries! – Visit Parish BrewingCajun Brewing, and/or Bayou Teche Brewing to see what some Cajun-made beers taste like! Cajun Country is proud of many of the products it produces, and our beer is no exception! These breweries do their best to use all local ingredients and provide beer lovers with what they crave!

Dance the evening away at Randol’s! – Randol’s has live Cajun or Zydeco music EVERY night with plenty of room for dancing.  You can always see some locals spinning their partners around the dance floor and, if you’d like to jump in, I can promise that there will be somebody happy to dance with you or even show you a few moves!

Visit the Tabasco Factory! – That’s right, that famous Tabasco Sauce is all made right here in Cajun Country and you can tour its facility! They have a museum, factory tour, restaurant, gift shop, and a jungle garden to explore. If you stop by, make sure to try the Tabasco ice cream in the gift shop!

Enjoy a Free Concert!- Downtown Lafayette hosts Downtown Alive (DTA) almost every Friday evening during the Fall and Spring. DTA is a free outdoor concert with live music, dancing and concessions (including alcoholic beverages 😉). Attending DTA will give you the warm feeling of community that Cajun Country is so proud to have.

For some other fun ideas, check out this Lafayette “bucket list” created by our locals!

By: Whitney Ross, Lafayette Native