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Louisiana Flavor Delivered to Your Door!

Every Louisianan knows that when you go to visit friends and family out of state, they want you to bring them some of those treasured Louisiana seasonings, sauces and mixes that they are no longer able to get.  Well, now with Cajun Crate, there is a much easier way to receive Louisiana products!

Cajun Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers 5-8 Louisiana made items right to you! Cajun Crate has teamed up with local chefs and tastemakers so that they are able to fill their boxes with the best products available and give recipients a sample of flavor from many of our different parishes.

Along with the products, the crate includes a guide to the items in the box. It gives information on where each one was made along with step by step recipes. The blog on their website contains additional recipes as well!

This subscription box is wonderful for folks out of state, but it’s great for those of us in Louisiana too! It serves as an awesome way to discover local products you never knew about and receive items from parishes that are unavailable near you.

Cajun Crate also caters to us locals with their physical location in Downtown Lafayette! There store is full of the different non-perishables they partner with, making it easy for people in that area to stop by for a few items.

To get started on your subscription, just visit Along with recipes, their website also offers a wide variety of the products available forindividual purchase as well as locally made t-shirts that any proud Louisianan would love to wear!

By: Whitney Ross, Lafayette Native