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International Food Tour in Lafayette,LA continues to roll this fall

With over 1500 CAJUN food tours under their belt, Cajun Food Tours, is now trucking guests “Around the World in Acadiana!”   So many fascinating flavors from all over the world can be found right here in Lafayette.  For those who have not been adventurous enough to try them all yet, this tour is for you!

The World Food Tour introduces guests to several menu items at each of 5 different nationally diverse restaurants.  True to the nature of Cajun Food Tours, guests can expect an education along with the fabulous food.  Jay Steiner, guide for the new tour, says, “When you taste the food of a different culture, you are tasting their history, their struggles, their triumphs. You are taking a part of them into yourself. Sometimes it is comforting, sometimes it is shocking, but it is always nourishing.”

Around the World in Acadiana Food Tours are scheduled weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm.

“I’ve been excited and determined to do this type of tour since the year I opened when I saw how many locals want to take a food tour,” says Marie Ducote-Comeaux, owner of Cajun Food Tours, “but something was missing.  I know now that something was the perfect tour guide.  When Jay came on board as a guide 5 years ago, I immediately knew he was the perfect combination of history buff, foodie & world culture aficionado to make this new venture soar!”

Steiner’s interest in diversity brings something unique to the tour.  He notes, “The same motivations that led our ancestors here decades or centuries ago are now bringing a whole new wave of flavors to add to Acadiana’s cultural gumbo.  I want to bring guests to the tables of our diverse neighbors here in Lafayette. I want people to taste the ever-expanding array of flavors that make up the food here. I want them to be surprised by new flavors, but also to find common ground in shared ingredients. We have so many walls put up between neighbors, and what better place to start breaking them down than at the table?”

Guests can book online at or by calling 337-230-6169.

Let’s go eat!  “Vamos a comer;  Πάμε να φάμε; Andiamo a mangiare, Đi ăn thôi!