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Cajun Food Tours FAQs

Answers to your FAQs about Cajun Food Tours.

  • Rain, no. Tropical storm, maybe.  Hurricane, yes.  Snow, hahaha!  

    On bus tours, we won't be spending very much time outdoors, but dress for the weather as we will be getting in and out of the bus at each stop. 

    For the Breaux Bridge Walking tour, we do tour in rain and provide disposable panchos!  However, we will be watching weather forecast for possibilities of severe weather, and let you know at least 24 hours in advance if cancellation seems like a possibility.  

  • You do not have to meet any minimum number of people; you can come all by yourself if you like!  However, we do need a total of 8 guests for a tour to roll. Usually, small groups can be put together to make this happen. Your reservation will be held as "tentative" until we meet the 8 needed. 

  • Tours last at least 3 hours and occassionally last close to 4 hours.  Variation is due to traffic conditions, service speed at each stop,  and how spread out a particular tasting route may be on any given day. 

  • When you enter the reservation page, there will be a drop down menu for Pick-up location.  All of the hotels that we service are listed there. (Those with W.Pinhook or Kaliste Saloom addresses as well as a few others in that same vacinity.)   If you're not staying in a hotel, choose "to be determined," and we'll assign a location with free parking as the tour date approaches. PLEASE DO NOT RANDOMLY CHOOSE A HOTEL AT WHICH YOU ARE NOT A GUEST.  

    Our Walking tours have a specific meeting location; address given during booking. 

  • We will stop at 5 locations over a 3 hour period and eat a small amount of food at each.  Tours are designed to include a total amount of food about equal to one average meal.  The midday tour will suffice as lunch.  However, since the afternoon tour is early, 2:30pm to 6pm, you may or may not still want to eat dinner later. 

  • Good Cajun food is all about flavor, the blend of seasonings. It's not about being so pepper-hot that you miss the food itself.  While one or two of the dishes we try may have a hint of cayenne or a touch of jalapeno, none of it will make you sweat.  

  • Your tour price includes  3 to 3 1/2 hours of fun, food, history, and local info. The food samples that you'll eat at all 5 tasting stops is included as well as bottled water iced down on the bus.  There are no alcoholic beverages included but those may be purchased where available on tour.  Also, driver/tour guide gratuity is NOT included in your tour price. 

  • Comfortably.  As you would to dine in a casual atmosphere restaraunt.  Some tours may include a brief outdoor (undercover) demonstration.  Previous guests have suggested wearing stretchy pants.  :) 

    Breaux Bridge walking tour includes approximately 1 mile total of walking--with frequent stops in between; comfy shoes as needed. 

  • We need a minimum of 8 guests total for our tours to operate.  Until it reaches the magic number, all tours  are "tentative" and you will see a status of "unconfirmed" in your email.  

    You will be notified by email immediately if/when we meet minimum, that your tour is confirmed.   If we don't meet minimum, we typically wait until the evening prior to a tour before we "deny" your request--we try to hold out for all our last-minute planners!   But, if you need more notice to make alternate plans, etc., please give us a call or text to check on status.  We totally understand if you need to pull your request earlier.    There's never a "cancellation" penalty for cancelling an unconfirmed tour.   

  • Yes. If you have a great time, tips are accepted and appreciated.  Gratuities are never included in our tour price regardless of number in party. etiquette guide says:  "Tour Guides: 15% - 20% + depending on quality (knowledge, friendliness, etc)

  • Yes!  If you have 8 or more adults and book them as a group, we'll take $5 off each ticket price.  Children 12 and under are $35 each with paying adults. 

  • Yes, drinks with lids may be brought aboard.  However, you may not bring an ice chest of any kind on the bus.

    Also, an acceptable level of sobriety is expected to insure the enjoyment of ALL guests. We reserve the right to deny or terminate service -without refund- to any guest whose behavior or state of intoxication threatens the comfort & enjoyment of others on tour. 

  • Sorry, guests may NOT bring ice chests of any kind on board.  Guests may board the bus with a covered drink, may purchase beverages (alcoholic or other) at our tasting stops, and may bring those back on board the bus. We keep bottled water iced down in a built in chest.

  • Probably so.   The only way to insure a private tour for your group is to book all 14 spots. i.e., If you reserver 10 spots, there will be 4 spots remaining for others to book.  

  • Not always; we offer two scheduled tours every M,T, Th,F, & Sat, but must meet a minimum of 8 for a tour to be confirmed.  (Also, it is sometimes possible to schedule a tour  on a Wednesday or  Sunday  for a large group. Call for availability.) All reservations are considered "requests" until a tour meets minimum & is "confirmed."   Your credit card is never charged for an unconfirmed tour.  

  • Yes!  About half of our guests are from the Acadiana area and they are having a blast & keep coming back! We almost always bring locals to at least a couple of new places they haven't had a chance to try!  Also, you're sure to learn things about our area that you didn't know before!  Check out some of the reviews by locals on!  

  • Yes, you can insure a private tour for your group by reserving all 14 seats on the bus at the "group discount" rate. 


  • Yes, almost always. While some of our stops can offer an alternative for special dietary needs, others may not be able to.  Please note the special request during the reservation process, and we will do our best to design a tour that will have as many options as possible to meet your needs.  So far, we've always been able to arrange alternative options for at least 5 of our 6 food stops.  

  • Yes, unfortunately, we are limited to 14 "persons" total on the bus, regarless of how small they are (even if they sit on your lap,.)  Therefore, the toddler takes a seat that can not be booked by another person--or group of people.   For instance, if the infant is the 11th person on a tour, an additional group of 4 would be unable to book  b/c there will only be 3 spots available. We discount children to $35 as a courtesy to make it easier for families to come. 

  • Absolutely!  With 23 years in education, I LOVE having kids onboard! For every full-priced adult, a child under 12 will be discounted to the rate of $35. 

  • Both have 5 stops and about the same amount of food; the morning tour will normally have only one restaurant with adult beverages available.  The afternoon tour will usually have 2 or 3 such restaurants. 

  • Nah,  we think a little element of surprise gives our tour an edge.  Aren't you tired of being responsible for everything?  We'd like you to put yourself in our capable hands, sit back and enjoy the ride, experiencing and savoring one spot at a time. 

  • A 4-day (96 hour) notice of cancellation is required to avoid a $25 per/person fee.  Cancellations with less than a 24 hour notice will be charged the full tour price as it is highly unlikely that the seats can be resold. 

  • Yes! Most of our visitors want to eat our food and see our swamps!  To  tour the beautiful swamp of Lake Martin, in Breaux Bridge, we recommend  Cajun Country Swamp tours.  To tour the Atchafalaya Basin, we like the Atchafalaya Experience tours. 

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