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Best Places to get Boiled Crawfish

If you find yourself in Lafayette, LA, with an “envie” (really bad craving) for some delicious boiled crawfish, you don’t have to worry. Lucky for you, during crawfish season, there are many places ready and waiting to serve them up hot for you . You even have the choice to sit down in a restaurant to eat your “crawdads” or take them to-go! Yup, that’s right; you can pick up boiled crawfish to-go and eat them outside on a picnic table the way God intended!

Take-out Crawfish

If you are uninterested in dining-in to enjoy some crawfish many dine-in restaurants allow you to call-in and pick up boiled crawfish, but the following places are perfect little drive-thru crawfish shacks that provide fresh, hot crawfish fast and in a convenient way.

Krazy Klaws – Locally owned and operated, Krazy Klaws takes pride in their products and only serve up the tastiest select crawfish, shrimp, and blue crab. They also offer all the classic fixings such as boiled red potatoes, sweet corn, smoked sausage and a few other veggies.   And  if you don’t have your own picnic table back home, they’ve got you covered there as well!  Just bring your own beer.

Crawfish Hole – Open from 4 to 8 pm throughout crawfish season, the Crawfish Hole provides a perfect pit-stop on the way home to grab a quick plate of boiled crawfish for the evening. The Crawfish Hole is located next to Earl’s Cajun Market on Verot School Road.

Acadiana’s Crawfish Express – Acadiana’s Crawfish Express not only offers you the opportunity to drive by and scoop up some boiled crawfish for dinner, but they even offer delivery! They also cater nationwide for big and small events, anywhere from 1,000 to 40,000 lbs of crawfis

Mudbugs Express – This drive-thru Crawfish stand has boiled as well as live crawfish available, in case you are interested in doing the boiling yourself! Mudbugs Express in Lafayette encourages drive-thru or call ahead orders for people craving some delicious crawfish.

Dine-in Crawfish

Hook & Boil – The owners of Hook & Boil proudly serve their customers their own home-grown boiled crawfish. With live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights and recent remodeling, Hook & Boil provides a fun and clean atmosphere for enjoying boiled crawfish or any of the other delicious Cajun dishes you may desire.

Hooked Up – This bar and grill located in the ever-growing city of Youngsville, offers fresh, hot crawfish throughout the season as well as hosting live entertainment on the weekends. Hooked Up Bar & Grill offers the perfect setting for popping open a beer and digging into some boiled crawfish with your friends or family.

Morvant’s – Morvant’s is more  famously known for their delicious hamburgers, but this hole-in-the-wall bar and restaurant offers patrons that friendly small town feel while they enjoy fresh boiled crawfish. If you are a little worried about not knowing how to peel crawfish, it will be easy to find a helping hand in Morvant’s.

Louisiana Crawfish Time – With two locations in Lafayette, Crawfish Time mainly focuses on crawfish. They are only open during crawfish season, but they do offer other seafood during that time. With Crawfish season being their only operating time, you are guaranteed to enjoy perfectly cared for, cooked, and seasoned boiled crawfish when you visit.

Gator Cove – Gator Cove is a popular restaurant for Lafayette locals, and, during crawfish season, they start pumping out the boiled crawfish for their customers as many seafood restaurants do.  Gator Cove provides a unique atmosphere for patrons as they enjoy their boiled crawfish or any of the other Cajun delights they have to offer.

by: Whitney Ross, Lafayette Native