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Cajun Food Tours history and purpose is what defines us. Lafayette, Louisiana is the “Tastiest Town in the South,”  and Cajun Food Tours wants you to experience it!

Marie; owner/ operatorMy name is Marie Ducote-Comeaux and I am happy to call myself Cajun!  There is no place I’d rather live than right here in the heart of Acadiana.  As a former Louisiana history teacher of 15 years,  I am proud of our resilient past, our friendly people, our rich heritage, and our fun-loving culture; but I am especially proud of our uniquely incredible food!   I can’t stand the thought of anyone coming to this city and not tasting our local favorites.  Everyone who lives here does it; we either cook our own Cajun treats for our visitors or we drag them all over the five-parish area, making sure they experience what we get every day.  

My 90-year-old grandmother loved the tourIn November of 2010,  I went on my first walking food tour in Baltimore, MD.  History, culture, sites, and we get to eat?!  That's my kinda tour!?   After the tour, I thought “Someone should do this in Lafayette!”  The following summer I took a food tour in Seattle (right around the time we were named best U.S. food city in the Rand McNally-USA Today “Best of the Road” contest,) and I thought “Our food is so much better than this; someone really should do this in Lafayette!”  Finally, in November of 2011, I took my first bus food tour in Louisville, KY.  That evening lying in the hotel bed praying, I was terrified by the calling that someone was going to do this in Lafayette and it was going to be me!  After months of trying to pray it away, I finally gave into the idea just as Lafayette won Southern Living’s  title of “Tastiest Town in the South!"  So, I quit my job and bought a bus! 

I can’t wait to meet you and to share the things I love.  I love South Louisiana; and I love good food.

   Allons manger!  (Let’s go eat!)

Meet Our Other Tour Guides 

Jay Steiner: 

       I've been a resident of Lafayette since I was four years old, and I'm a proud graduate of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. After college I taught middle and high school social studies in Baton Rouge for nearly four years before coming home to Lafayette. I've always had a passion for the history and culture of my hometown; moving away for several years only made me love this town more once I came back.

My first job back in Lafayette was as a tour guide and blacksmith at Vermilionville--a local historic folklife village--where I still work to this day. Jay Steiner food tour guideBeing able to share the history of our rich and diverse culture with visitors from across the world at Vermilionville made me realize I had found exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Louisiana, and Acadiana especially, is one of the most fascinating places to explore the fruits of many different cultures coming together; they produce their own unique music, lifestyle, and most importantly, food! I truly believe the right bowl of gumbo, the perfect link of boudin, or the simplicity of red beans and rice can show you the history of our state all in one bite. I'm excited to join Marie and Ginger as a guide with Cajun Food Tours & I look forward to sharing my passion for my hometown and our cuisine. Bienvenue à 

Whitney Ross:

I was born and raised here in beautiful Lafayette, LA, by my amazing mother, Marie Ducote-Comeaux. I’m proud to be Cajun and have always considered this to be my home. I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Whitney Rossand bought a house here shortly after--knowing that I was right where I belonged. I enjoy traveling but am always glad to return home.

One of my favorite things about our area is the amazing food. There are so many great places to eat and always new things to try. We're also constantly having festivals --mostly revolving around the unique dishes available in Acadiana.

I am extremely proud of my mom’s success in bringing Cajun Food Tours to life and am excited to become a bigger part of it.  I look forward to sharing my passion for the Acadiana area and our rich Cajun culture with all of our visitors and locals.


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