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Team Building- Around the Table

October 26, 2018

Many companies will implement activities such as games or puzzles to help employees understand one another better. Being able to perceive coworkers' strengths, weaknesses, and interests can result in improved team work, but not many companies realize how influential food can be toward these same goals. 

Cajun Food Tours brings teams together

(Cajun Food Tours; Lafayette)

Research at the University of Oxford revealed that people who eat with others are more likely to feel happy; the act of communal eating increases feelings of wellbeing and social bonding. These feelings can cause people to be more open and honest with one another.                                                                                                            

There is no shortage of research, (books,  blogs, podcasts, articles) out there to iterate the importance of families eating together;  many of the points made are just as beneficial to any group of people eating with one another.

Sitting and sharing a meal with family, friends, co-workers, or even strangers, creates a sentiment of community and offers the opportunity to catch up, tell stories, and share information.


In Alice Julier’s book, Eating Together, she argues that dining with others can radically shift a person’s perspective and reduce perceptions of inequality. Julier claims that the easiest way to achieve physical and psychological wellbeing is to “eat simply and eat together.”

So, the next time you or your business needs a fun & effective way to bring people together or strengthen a team, consider a pot-luck dinner, an employee picnic, or better yet, a Cajun Food Tour

Team Building with Cajun Food Tours

By: Whitney Joy, Lafayette Native

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